What Do I Do Next?

Initial Assessment

Before we can allocate you to a counsellor we need to see you for an initial assessment. This is a face to face appointment which takes about 45 minutes. We will take some details from you and also provide you with information about our service including the donation system.

We make a £5 charge for the assessment to cover our administration costs.

Waiting list

New Hope is a service in high demand. There is usually, therefore, a wait before you can be allocated to a counsellor following your assessment. Our counsellors are either:

  • Fully qualified counsellors with Diploma or Foundation Degree and also on the Approved Register of counsellors with a national counselling association.
  • Student counsellors on placement with us who have had a minimum of two years training and are members of a national counselling association.

All of our counsellors, qualified and students, are supervised externally by qualified Counselling Supervisors.

You can talk about whether you would be happy to be counselled by a student counsellor or not at your assessment. Please note that if you decide that you only want a qualified counsellor you are likely to have a longer wait for your therapy.


Once you have been allocated to a counsellor they will contact you and book a session. You will be given an ‘Agreement to Counselling’ form to read and sign. Your counsellor will initially book 8 sessions with you. The counselling may be extended to 20 sessions if both you and your counsellor feel there is benefit in you continuing for more than 8 sessions.  



New Hope works hard to keep costs down by using volunteers wherever possible. We do not currently have any NHS funding. Every counselling session we provide costs us around £35. You will be asked for a donation towards the cost of your therapy. If you are experiencing extreme financial hardship we would not be expecting you to be giving a large donation. If, however, you are not in financial need please consider donating £35 per session. (NB Private therapy in this area is currently £45 -£50 per session so £35 is very reasonable.)

Our Christian Ethos.

New Hope operates according to a Christian Code of Ethics and is affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors but you do not have to be a Christian to access counselling with us. We are here to provide counselling for all from any faith group or none. The counselling does not have a religious content unless faith issues are something you particularly want to bring to the counselling. If you are a practising Christian and wish to speak openly about your faith to someone who understands and also shares that faith we are also able to help.

Ready to Start?

If you think you would like to start counselling and are ready to book your initial assessment please click the button to be taken to our form to request an appointment.