The Timon Fund

The Timon Fun logo 2The Timon Fund is for the provision of one to one counselling for residents of Stratford, and for those who work or study there, who are experiencing financial hardship.

It is especially aimed at those who have severe financial problems and who may not even be able to afford a small donation.

New Hope recently relaunched the Timon Fund in Stratford upon Avon with a new logo.

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How can potential clients who may benefit be referred to New Hope?

Clients can self-refer either by phone or by email.  Referrals can also be made by agencies on behalf of clients. All enquiries will be handled confidentially.

Potential clients can expect an appointment for an initial assessment within two weeks of their enquiry and counselling within two months.
New Hope would like to thank Stratford Town Trust for part-funding this project. 

Why ‘Timon’?

Timon of Athens is one of the lesser known plays of William Shakespeare. Timon started out as a rich man but lost all his money and became poor.

Like many of our clients, Timon appears to have struggled with identity issues and depression. He could make little sense of life. He seems the perfect character for this project which is designed to give help to those in most need who live and work in Shakespeare’s birthplace.